Blue decoration for your nursery

Today I have wanted to bring  decoration blue for your baby’s room . Shortly spring approaches, and if you plan to change the decor of the room of your baby, this is a great idea.The light colors , especially for smaller babies, a feeling of calm and serenity. This is why we have to combine well the colors to suit the comfort and well being of your baby sleep.A good room for a child must have a corner to read their stories , and these be placed in a good library. As you can see, this seems Blue decoration combines perfectly with the white of the library, in addition to wicker chair, because children must learn to read properly seated.

The game smooth walls with paper prints of paintings like this make a lovely contrast. Furthermore, as we can see, that with a simple box can give more life to the walls .So I encourage you to ye b list for this blue decoration for the room of your baby, or it Play with the colors and different ways to liven up the room and make it more fun .

The pregnancy is a very special time for women, and the family in general. Among the issues that make waiting for a baby is a little more bearable, is the preparation of the baby room .

But what are the points to consider when mounting the small room . The first thing to think about is the color that you paint the room . Think that all colors depend not only on the sex of the child , but also, in the light you have in the room . Many hope the little boy happy with a blue room, however, not always light helps.

Therefore, when thinking about preparing the room you have to consider basically the space that accounts. Once you know the dimensions of the place, you must choose the furniture, which can be reduced to furniture adaptable to the growth of your child .

Another aspect that you should never leave to chance, is the one that is linked to enlightenment. You depend only able to create a warm and protective of the boy of the house more. Finally you should add all the rest of the things you need as accessories and bedding.

We started with the blue color is cool and calming, helps sleep. It is ideal for a nursery.Do not forget that long ago ceased to be an exclusive color of children. Can be seamlessly integrated into the rooms of both sexes. I will give you, if you will, a feminine touch with a cushion pink, or with curtains, sheets, carpet, etc..To me, personally, I like a lot, especially the turquoise that is so fashionable now. I find a color that fantastic effort, both with brown furniture, in all shades, like whites. Combines with pink, yellow and even chocolate as we shall see in a photo at the end of this post.

Or, otherwise, we can decorate the walls with vinyl valances or so that will personalize the room to our liking and commensurate with the age of the child.In my humble opinion, I think in this last photo, for example, too much blue. If you decide to put it only blue I stoop with a neutral color like white. All excessively tired and not pleasant long term.This room I find beautiful, integrates and white chocolate perfectly clear. It is pleasing to the eye and brown highlights if you get to be as aggressive as the blue in the picture above.

The chocolate is still in style, but not as much as before. I’ve been two years that I have in my house, some rooms wall color chocolate and have still not tired. No longer an earth color and that helps, despite being daring, combine with almost everything.
I love chocolate combined with the green and blue, mostly featuring the last two. The final effect is gorgeous.
It is the only strong color that I would dare to put in a daycare. All other terms more better Clarita, are called pastels.
If we decide to put it on the walls, the ideal would be to choose light colored furniture.