Indoor and outdoor Jacuzzis Which to choose

There are several things you should keep in mind when you’re buying a jacuzzi, but the first thing to decide is where to place. If inside of a home should be placed in a high traffic because hot water but produce mold and rust.Furthermore, it should be noted that the jacuzzi filled and especially if they are for two to have water are heavy and where possible should be placed on the ground floor, unless it is a small-sized jacuzzi.

A hydro bath can be a great addition of luxury to your home. First time buyers will have to do a bunch of research on different varieties before buying one. You can install the hot tub outside the house or colquelo inside. An internal model is ideal for those who live in apartments while the outdoor variety for individual households. Indoor and outdoor models have their advantages and disadvantages. You should consider before choosing one.

The jacuzzi are also ideal to place on patios and around pools and yet let alone one that is able to perform a structure for use all year round and not just in summer. There are also hot tubs options for many people who are fun and desirable for those who are very sociable. Come Jacuzzi for six to eight people , which are also ideal for large families and avoid fights who first.There are a variety of sizes of whirlpool and shapes, there are circular, hexagonal, square, oval, kidney-shaped or other designs.

Also the materials from which is made ​​a whirlpool vary, there are from inflatable, resin, wood, although its interior is always some form of plastic. The prices also vary greatly according to the size, material and quality. The price is also determined by the types of jets that have the jacuzzi. The jacuzzi in addition to its buying price do come with other costs as they require care almost if kept a sink with water, therefore will entail the cost of electricity, to maintain quality of the water, maintain pH, water that is kept filled.

You should also think about the accessories, such as blankets when not in use, beverage holders, pillows, special seats for certain pains, alarms that are activated when a child enters a jacuzzi etc..

Advantages of internal models
1. One of the great advantages of indoor bathtubs is the privacy they allow. Definitely not like the prospect of his neighbors staring at you when you’re relaxing in your bathtub. In an inner tub soaking could enjoy behind closed doors.

Two. The internal model can be used many times throughout the year. You can enjoy the warmth and comfort of your inner tub even when it is snowing or raining outside.

Three. An inner tub is not exposed to external elements, increase durability. You can add years to your life by placing inside your home.

April. Once again, the heat of the bath can provide heat to the room you are in and adjacent rooms during the winter months.

Disadvantages door liners
1. You may need additional build a room if your bathtub does not fit in the space, resulting in additional costs.

Two. The room you choose should have proper ventilation. If not as, can make your home damp and suffocating.

Three. A hot tub is usually quite heavy. An average tub for up to three people weighs about 2500 pounds. Before installing a tub inside, make sure that the floor is strong enough to support its weight.

Advantages of outdoor tubs
1. Outdoor tubs are convenient because they do not have to worry about space constraints. You can make a hole in the ground and install the tub. The weight of the bathtub is not a problem in this case.

Two. The cost of placing an outdoor bathtub is much less in comparison with an interior.

Three. In a given bright, could enjoy a relaxing session in the countryside.

April. Outdoor hot tubs are considerably fciles to fill with water and drain.

Disadvantages of outdoor tubs
1. The major disadvantage is the lack of privacy. It is outdoors, in the view favored PUBLIC, so you will have to deal with some unwanted company.

Two. These tubs are often kept as each of sheets, dust and dirt very easily dirty.

Three. An outdoor bathtub becomes unusable in adverse climatic conditions. Rain or snow are limiting you from enjoying a hot bath.

Romantic decoration ideas

If we get a decoration and a romantic atmosphere in our lounge we set ourselves and work with materials and special materials.The colors, for example, will have an important role in this style of decoration. Pastel colors are a good choice. Generally do not have a chance to use the color pink, but to achieve the romanticism in the atmosphere is a beautiful choice. This soft color transmit tranquility to the room. The white and beige pure and give a touch naive to stay.

For furniture, find your way over to the wrought iron as their shapes and finishes adds a really amazing. It is also an excellent choice aged wood. Bring on the materials: flax is a very good choice. To generate a particularly nice soft touch fabrics are ideal.

If you want to enhance the decor motif subtly, you can choose small flowers (pastel shades), or about arabesques (to get a more rococo). If you want to reach a romantic spirit but minimalist, Japanese accessories are very subtle and very well fulfill this function.

You can also include feathers in the decor. Vaporous and light feathers Place your lace curtains. The satin ribbons are also ideal. These should be strips of different widths and motifs. Add them to the doors, on sofas or couches, curtains knotted in … Another very chic and ideally left the screen. It can also serve to delimit any area. Currently, you can find many different styles and patterns.

Attention to detail is very important and, at times, do not give them the importance they deserve. When we prepare a special date or romantic evening with the couple , we want everything runs smoothly and to this, create the right atmosphere is essential.
A dinner by candlelight, romantic music to warm up and a few glasses of wine … basic, right? They are the typical ingredients of romantic décor all the way, but not the only. It is about Valentine and want to prepare something special, is that your case? Takes note.Caring for ornaments and decorations we chose to acclimate one romantic evening is a good idea to surprise your partner . If you think of figures fill all hearts , stuffed animals or flowers is romantic, maybe no mistake at all, but something cheesy recharged and can also result.A subtle decoration is better than overdone … remember this “how little like and how much, tired”.

The romantic decor is preferred by many women of all ages. It is cozy, warm and kitchens brings a plus of style and delicacy much appreciated if you spend time cooking or eating if you have a dining area inside.A cold and bare kitchen can easily become a romantic kitchen with some easy tricks, you do not subtract the functionality and make you look much prettier. It is therefore important to pay attention to the details.

One of the most influence on the outcome of your kitchen is romantic or sheer curtain, preferably a soft, semi-transparent and with a printed fabric that can be flowers or fruits . The small ruffles on curtains or cushions for benches and chairs, and even added to the shelves or the shelves of the cupboard will also provide very little money an air romantic unmatched. Also, nowadays you do not need to be an expert seamstress, because the facts and adhesives sold. Reach, paste and go.

The furniture will preferably white or light woods, pie or pickled, if you choose them. If you already have furniture kitchen, looking for the textiles and accessories combine with them and, besides having a romantic kitchen, will you bring a twist. The lighting, the decorations, the smells … everything has to create an intimate atmosphere ideal for the appointment go smoothly. And remember, the roses are good companions a romantic evening , but best bet by petals or a pair of roses … fill the bouquets stay may remember a little romantic and rather dark …

How to make a path for your home garden

This brief tutorial will explain in a way summed up the process of building roads brick exteriors made to move without stepping on the grass.The outdoor flooring also serve to define the architecture of the house and the gardens give frame. The sidewalks are functional but also support the aesthetic and artistic expression. There are tiled sidewalks, pavers, bricks, wood, and tile . You can highlight the architecture of your home and improve its functionality built paths in the garden. ‘s durability and aesthetic characteristics on the sidewalks or roads outside on your property are aspects to take into account. While the construction of sidewalks and patios is not a difficult task, it can be quite slow depending on the size of what is to be built.

When you are installing bricks to walk on them must choose ones that are of quality . These bricks are suitable for a wide range of climatic conditions and very durable to wear. sure you have all the materials needed for your project before you start. If desired, you can order at home to minimize wear of your vehicle and save pains the back.

Prepare the area where you want to install the bricks. Use a hose on the ground, is a great tool to determine the area of the future path . Place wooden stakes buried 18 inches (46 cm) in two (61 cm) or three feet (91 cm) at the perimeter of the path to be performed. These stakes will show the area where you must dig to place the bricks. Remove the grass and dirt making the edges are fully defined and vertical. You should dig about eight inches to make sure there is space for the base layer on which the bricks are then placed to tread.

Make sure that the land is leveled for the base project. The journey of the sidewalk should be level all the way, and must also have a gentle slope. The trail should be almost the same level in all directions. You should have a slight slope so that rainwater or flushing to drain out of the path rather than to puddle in the middle. Try to create a slope of about 1 “(2.5 cm) every 4-8 feet (1.22 m – 2.44 m).

Use a level of 4 feet (1.22 m) or a leveler of rope, the rope is hooked on a spirit level, and make adjustments as needed. As you add new layers of earth, confirm that the slope is conserved along the surface. Place a layer of gravel to a thickness of 4 inches (10 cm) in the “bed” and compact down. Again, make sure the gravel level is appropriate according to the project. wooden pods Secure the edges of the formwork to the stakes, using wood screws, is to define the edges of the sidewalk, like a box to work within the same and achieve the shape of the path to create.

If there are curves on the edge of the sidewalk will have to cut and fold the formwork. This is achieved by sawing the wood against the grain, making a cut every ½ inch (1.27 cm). I will bend the wood to fit the desired curve. Alternatively, there are now plastic forms available to define the edge of the brick sidewalk. These are then ground and act as permanent lateral support of the bricks. If you want to define the edge of the sidewalk with bricks, place these along the edge of the formwork.

Fill the bed base with 1/2 to 1 inch (1.27 cm to 2.5 cm) of sand. Sand forms a layer excellent for bricks, since it acts almost equal to the concrete after it has wet and dry repeatedly. Note the depth of the bricks and sand sets only necessary to make sure the bricks are level with one another, to observe the level of decline and that level is harmonized with what surrounds it. Arrase wetting sand and having a wood strip to ensure that the surface is level. Look well for each foot (measure) of the sidewalk to make sure it is level. Place the bricks on sand, arrange each brick with a mass of hard rubber. Regular hammers metal head cracked bricks, so should avoid.

Once all the bricks are in place, spread a layer of sand over the bricks and boards, then bar them carefully, which are among the bricks and edge. Spray water on the bricks to secure them with sand. The sand becomes very hard , such as concrete, as time passes.

I hope your sidewalk look at home and find it useful for long.

Garden gnomes

Personally, I always had a mix of print and fear. And like all scary things . I have to face the garden gnome . There are a lot of people I like. This can be easily checked, for example, in Germany 30 million gardens have a dwarf.

From there is also the sociologist Hans Prahl, who developed a new discipline of “enanología”. He is devoted to the study of the origin of garden gnomes that according to his theory, is located in the Middle Ages in Turkey.

These would be a replica of the pygmies who worked in underground mines, who were dressed in colorful clothes to be seen in the dark. Then they attributed magical powers, and that is why to protect the mine owners sent to make replicas of their employees, in order to scare the evil forces living in the center of the earth.

Once made, this statue quickly became a decorative element.  Currently the garden gnomes have their own museums and parks. And conventions are made ​​against “ridiculing the dwarf and his legitimate manufacture” in Germany since 1995.

To me the truth I do not like at all, and as I said before it’s like I get miedito. But if you like them, I leave some designs for you to choose what you put in your garden .

Home Gala Gonzalez

Yes, and we enter the house Elin Kling, here , and we look at the most famous bloggers, here , today we look at them, thanks to Elle Deco in London duplex Gala Gonzalez. Spacious, full of light, with recognizable pieces, and full of character. Did you expect your house to be like this? Do you like?.

How to make Zen garden

Currently, to decorate the garden there are several possibilities, it no longer just about having plants, but to create an environment where nature and style combine. Depending on your taste, you can choose a particular theme to decorate your garden. For now, we will focus on how to make a Zen garden , so you can achieve a space of tranquility and peace in your home.

Depending on the size of your garden you can implement some of the ideas that you’ll then adapts the ones you like to your needs and enjoy this style to decorate.

Tips for decorating a zen garden
To achieve a Zen garden should take into account certain characteristics that define this concept. Thus, one should consider the use of certain elements that are natural for this type of garden, such as stones (large and small), sand, plants, water fountains, Buddha figures or ornaments or other references of that culture, and bamboo, and other materials.

Water is the main element of the Zen garden, depending on your possibilities you can opt for a water fountain or pond. If possible should have a space to place a sculpture appropriate to the theme. If you have a pond you can place some flowers and floating candles.

The zen garden ornaments are varied, and though I may seem to many, the fact is that we all put together a beautiful set. If you want a central location apart from the water source, you can choose to place statues or sculptures of Buddha in a prominent location in the garden surrounded by plants. The chimes are also garden ornaments that will serve to achieve zen aesthetic .

The main objective of any garden is to have a proper space for plants , and a Zen garden is no exception. But in this case you should try to limit the number of plants to specific areas, as there are other elements to be added.

Ideally, choose plants that reflect aesthetic harmony, as small shrubs or plants in pots that can be placed neatly.

In addition to the plants you add sand and stones in several areas of garden ground cover is ideal if you can place a large rock near a group of plants.

Japanese lanterns in the water are ideal for lighting if you have a pond, but you can opt for paper lanterns or oil to give subtle lighting to your garden at night.

You must have a comfortable furniture so you can spend time in this environment, so you can relax while enjoying the scenery. Do not forget a traditional Japanese tea set to enjoy your zen garden.

Go ahead and make your zen garden, because I assure you that in this space you can relax from the stress of everyday life, renew energy and find the right time to enjoy the peace of your home.

Do you like the decor zen ? Is not it beautiful and harmonious?here is more examples :

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

A very few days for Christmas is normal to want to decorate our whole house and flood every room with warmth and happiness that characterizes this time of year. A few days ago I showed you some ideas for decorating the interior of your home and today I want to show some outdoor Christmas decorations.

When thinking about the Christmas decorations for the outside of our homes we can choose different options, depending on the style of our house and the space you count, the decor will not be the same if you live in an apartment if live in a house with a big front.

Outdoor Christmas Decorations:
Exterior door decoration:
The Christmas wreaths, garlands as are excellent alternatives to give a festive touch to our front door. In the market you can find a wide variety of models, but if you prefer to do your decorations yourself can see some alternatives here.

Decorating with Christmas lights:
The lights are a must on the Christmas decorations, give an original touch to any space and different. With a little imagination and you can create multiple lights very original figures to decorate the outside of our home. Here you can see some tips for making Christmas decorations for your home.

Decorating with ornaments:
The Christmas decorations are a good alternative if you have enough space. Combining different types of decorations can make a beautiful Christmas landscape that will not only be rewarding for you, but for all those who pass by the front of your home.

There are many proposals to decorate our homes inside and out, for example, here you can find some alternative Christmas wreaths to the door of your house, sure some will fit perfectly with your decor.

Many ideas and alternatives, I hope you find them useful, and to continue to inspire your creativity I invite you to visit our section of Christmas decoration .

Decorate with recycled wood spaces

One of my favorite inspirations for home decor are recycled wood pieces, as they are easy to get, and that can be used in many ways, being practical, functional and very pleasing to the eye.
The wooden parts may come from a full box, pallets, recycled from some other furniture or separately. When painting, line them, cut them or joining them we will give our personal touch, thus from furniture, toys, picture frames, planters and other ideas for decorating with recycled wood.

Small wooden decorations
For simple and small a decorative element, you can always play a very important role in household harmony. So when it comes to decorating, even the simplest object is valid. By recycling we can find parts reusable timber but not for the same purpose, as this recycled wood frame , already without glass, some original decorated vases .
If we put small drawers of an old furniture on the wall in a harmonious way, we can get some very practical and versatile media for either place them candles, accessories or photographs inside. Just make sure the width of the box is enough if you put something bigger on the inside.
Even the natural wood serves to create beautiful vases and still life arrangements ideal for stay. Get small branches or wood slats will be simple: if you have a garden or sidewalk near your house have a lot of material on hand.

Decorating in style
If you decorate the spaces with wooden crates have endless uses and that are adaptable to almost any space and can be used in its natural color and detail them or to personal taste. With just a few or a large collection to get divine designs anywhere in your home. A charming rustic décor with toymakers, cabinets , shelves made ​​of drawers and original coffee tables recycled .

In the case of the pallet or pallets, the possibilities are equally varied. Would you like to have an economic and minimalist screen? Or how about using the platform as the basis of a mattress or sofa? You may use pallets to make furniture and decorate the original room, dining room or any other corner of the house.
The wooden parts are affordable and cost or no cost if they are recycled . Both with old furniture and crates or pallets recycling , we can create decorations are as versatile as the textures, shapes and colors of the same. With these ideas for decorating with recycled wood surely find some inspiration to design a warm and inviting space. What do you think?

Decorating Style Doors

Have you ever thought of decorating your house doors with bold and colorful designs? Did you know that customizing a door in a certain room are you going to give the site a completely different look? Now you can do in a simple and inexpensive thanks to a series of little tricks you’ll get incredible results. You will make your home a special and different.

The interior design world has taken note of these latest trends, so will not be hard to find specialist shops and patterned vinyls for doors. It is highly resistant adhesives and easy to install because they come with a tool kit to facilitate your task. They are also very quick to put on. In a few seconds you will have achieved the desired effect.

You can find them at many different prices and designs, such as Sensunels, a collection designed by Karim Rashid for signing DI.BI. that we propose as an example. You just have to dig a bit until you find the most suitable model for your home.

Another possibility is also very economical to decorate your doors is to put sheets of printed paper. Like vinyl, stick to the surface of the door and can be assembled and disassembled many times as desired. As you see, it is very simple to perform tricks for this season’re on the cutting edge interior a truly affordable price.

Rustic sofa with pallets

Create a space for you to relax or read your favorite book, or a place for kids to be comfortable and fun is simpler and cheaper than it looks. With simple pallets, the kind that used in factories, you can create a practical sofa as we teach you to do today.With rustic living room furniture, your room takes on an ambiance that has wide appeal. That setting can best be described as a warm, comfortable feeling with plenty of down-home charm. Best of all, you can often mix the most rustic of items with other items having a slightly more contemporary look and feel to end up with your own unique decorating style.

Rustic living room furniture can fit right in with several different decorating styles, including the western, southwestern, country, lodge, cabin, and of course, the rustic style. Also, one or more of these decorating styles might influence new pieces of rustic furniture. Most of the different items from these casual styles of decorating match or complement each other very well.

There are a variety of materials that are used to make different pieces of rustic living room furniture. The seats and cushions of sofas and chairs might be made from leather or luxurious fabric.
Often, the fabric will depict a forest or mountain scene, which may also include wildlife in a natural setting.

Sometimes the frame of a sofa or chair is made from logs fitted together to form a truly rustic piece of furniture. Logs are also used for the legs and/or frame of sofa tables and end tables. Logs used on rustic furniture are almost always left with a natural look. Although the logs might be treated with a protective coating and sometimes even lightly stained, the natural look of the log provides plenty of visual interest.

Some rustic tables use antlers for the legs or as a decorative accent. These antlers can be the real thing or faux antlers, which look very real. Natural antlers grown by deer, elk, and moose are usually harvested (picked up off the ground) after the animal has shed them naturally. This natural harvest puts neither man nor animal at risk.

2 pallets
Electric sander
8 wheels
The first thing to do is to sand the pallets. Obviously it will be easier to do with a power sander but if you can not get it done by hand. Once you finish removing fine dust. If you want to paint the time is now. Although since the pallets are entire blocks and natural rustic look more attractive if it is not painted. If you want a better finish anyway you choose to varnish. Let dry well regardless of the product you want.

Once the pallets have dried must place the wheels. Take one of the pallets and the same side bolted a wheel at each corner. Make the same with the second. Turn both pallets and placed next to each other. It only remains to put a mattress up and add color with a beautiful bedspread and cushions.

As you see in the image has been used an old door for a headboard but you can use what you like. It can be a simple table, a curtain or something else that comes to mind.