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Decorating Playroom for Kids

The Children need a suitable place to express themselves and spend their free time, require a place where they can, indeed, be children. It is therefore advisable to decorate a room in the house to make a playroom where they can enjoy. So if you want to decorate a playroom for your children , then we have some tips that will be extremely helpful.

Paredes playground quarterfinal
Personally, I see the decoration of children’s playrooms as an opportunity to decorate freely, using color palettes , fun shapes and forms.

Decorate with a fun mural
To decorate the walls in the children’s playroom, you can try to do a mural. No need of great abilities and artistic skills to paint a mural of this style, but just draw from landscapes to fun shapes that your kids will enjoy. But make sure you use different colors to make it good fun.

Decorating with children’s drawings
If you dare to paint a mural for the playroom for your children, an original idea is to decorate with drawings they do. Use one of the walls of the room to hang all your creations. They would like to see their pictures hung as art on the wall and the room will have a great spirit to inspire them and let your imagination run wild.

Cork billboard
A cork bulletin board is a good idea for the walls of the playroom for kids, schedules can hang your children there for them and you too can be arranged. You can also hang on the billboard photos and pictures that your kids will enjoy. If you prefer, you can put a metal plate with different magnets. That way you will not run the risk of your kids with the pin prick of the cork bulletin board.

Playroom floor
If it comes to decorating a playroom for kids, it is advisable to place mats on the floor. In this way, children can play safely, because if you fall (which probably happens often) do not hurt, the carpet is softer than wood flooring or tile, so it will cushion the fall. Place rugs fun, that though they may be of traditional materials, can have designs with original figures or shapes. Another idea is to place rubber puzzle mats, which are sold in toy stores and not just serve as carpets, but also as a children’s game in itself.

Artificial turf
You can, if you want to put a carpet, artificial grass placed to decorate the playroom for children. This original idea, looks good, the kids will have fun and you’ll be more relaxed, it is a safe area for them. In addition, artificial turf is waterproof, so it will be really easy if kids clean liquids dumped on it, and if they fall crumbs or anything else, you can clean it easily with a vacuum.

Seats for children in the playroom
The puff are always popular with children. Seats are perfect for placing on a playroom for children. Being round and soft material completely filled, you will not have to worry about your children from falling or hurting themselves with these seats. In addition, we provide a fun look to the room. If you want a fun decoration, you can combine several different colored puff.

Toys and seats
f your children have toys like wooden horses or large teddy bears, you can place them next to their chairs , puffs or pillows for use as seats. Dare to give a different use for your children’s toys.

Furnishings playroom
Follow these tips to decorate a playroom for the kids and your kids will be happy to play there. Sure, it’s not the only thing you can serve, because if you want to decorate your child’s room or your daughter’s bedroom , we have many useful suggestions for you. What do you think?

Children’s furniture for an adventurous room design

Children’s furniture have never been so cool in their design development. You can find on the market virtually anything your imagination allows. Even much more even.It goes so far, often showing the smallest room in the apartment of the most fascinating character. Since it is still almost a little jealous, right?

Accessorise the room the little ones with great unique children’s furniture and believe us, even you would feel great.

The variety

The selection of children’s furniture models is really big. They have everything – from tree houses over play tents middle of the room. So it was for us also not very easy to make an appropriate selection. The selected examples we now find very representative. They encourage you certainly also for a more detailed own research.

Just a warning, we have for you: Too cool kids furniture little at some point no desire to leave the house. This may of course not be. The activities outdoors, in the open countryside and with other children is essential for their psychological and physical health.

A bed like a little house

As the adults also, the kids need the isolation from the outside world for the peaceful sleep. For this reason, models that turn it into a small house, not only interesting but also highly recommended for a good sleep.

A fairytale reading corner

In the world of so many electronic and Internet temptations it would be pointless to force the kids to something. This applies even when it concerns something so important as the books read. But you could creatively approach and win the children for this activity.

How about with a small house, in which the little ones can enter specifically for reading. In order to get used to it, you could just read them something at this point.So the kids would always bring the reading with the moon in conjunction.

A crib or play house on wheels

Share all in the family, the love of travel? If so, would surely even the little sooner or later be so fond of traveling, right? It would be nice, because there is hardly something that evolved a better than this job.

This setting allows you to teach the children, if you buy them a bed or a toy car, which can be slid back and forth on wheels.

Play tent

This is a classic by now become one theme in children’s furniture design. It may be as an idea for playground discarded in any case. So a tent serves as a wonderful decoration. Also in the living room, it would be integrated.


Show the kids rather an affinity for space travel? What do you think of a playhouse, reading corner or other children’s furniture, which have just been inspired by this topic?


The pirates and their ships as inspiration for your furniture we forget, of course, by no means. Your children will grow so with the feeling that life is really interesting and full of adventure.

A swing as a bedside table

To us it seems a very original idea and pretty, but we’re sure there will be conflicting opinions as to use a swing as a bedside table for bedroom, so let’s try to analyze the pros and cons of this idea.

We will not deny that the result is very striking, but it is also true that a facility may be too complex for a simple bedside table, as there will be installed on the ceiling of the room. Also do not forget that is held by two ropes, so that the stability to support a book or a glass of water can be quite relative.

But what if you need to recognize is that, in addition to an aspect of the most striking and original to the bedroom, cleaning enables us to stay, as there will be no leg to hinder us vacuuming or brush. Of course, this also got installing a simple shelf on the wall, as we and you can see in the photo below.

Great fun for Halloween Decoration

Are you counting the days of arrival Halloween ? It is very exciting for us, no matter whether they are adults or children, you should hurry to prepare some Halloween decorations. You can make Halloween decorations for themselves or just buy in stores. All you need to do is make a fantastic Halloween. Halloween decorations are important in setting the proper creepy atmosphere for the party s Halloween. You can come with some pretty scary decorations that do not cost much money, and they are guaranteed to give your guests the chills.

The secret to set the right mood for the Halloween party is illumination s . Using novelty bulbs light colored lamps, sconces, chandeliers and turn signals, even small gives your home a new look and makes even scary Halloween decorations humblest mysterious look. Keep all overhead lights off and use a combination of lighting strategies to make guests think they may be party in a haunted house.

Not only homemade decorations Halloween save money, but also can provide hours of fun and entertainment for all. There are also plenty of commercial decorations for sale around Halloween, ghosts and zombies screaming motion activated scary props like Halloween skeletons, spider webs with giant hairy inhabitants, door covers that feature bloody bones and wicked monsters and any form of window and wall clings with realistic images of Halloween horror scenes. Choosing a few key items and place them in a central location or outstanding until the fear factor for your guests.

Halloween decorations and party decorations can really add to the magic of the Halloween experience for the whole family. Besides providing hours of entertainment for children and adults, these Halloween decorations Holiday cut spending at the same time. In a pumpkin patch to a cemetery full of ghosts, Halloween decorations bring the season to life for the whole family.

Scary Halloween Costumes are a great way to get noticed when out trick or treating or at a party great. These teams are creepy always among the most popular because they are bold and imaginative. This article provides ideas for some teams very scary Halloween for teens.

You can not wait to bring out the mysterious Halloween night without lights, right? So Halloween themed candles and electric lights You can however, some larger ideas Halloween Halloween gift for revelers near and far. The skeletons who have eyes lights or candles with scary faces can create the spooky feel of the Halloween night. Looking ahead and Halloween comes to make or buy Halloween decorations is your responsibility during this time. You can do shopping online for your Halloween decorations. Topons can offer what you want.

All children at the same room

If the act of decorating a house and have some complication, imagine how it must be when it comes from a large family, there are 3 or 4 kids at home and not all rooms have enough space or you like. For it is clear that touches “play Tetris” and find creative and practical decorating solutions .And that’s what we try to give you today, some ideas for children’s rooms for 3 and 4 children original and a little different, so you can adapt to your home and build a room for children to share their space.

The bunk beds are a perfect decorative solution for problems of bedrooms small children, especially when the number of siblings is more than two. So today we will give you some ideas of inspiration rooms with bunk beds for children and young teens, beautiful designs of four beds in bedroom for boys or girls, in a variety of fun colors and patterns that will attract not only more small but also the largest, with designs of colorful stairs or slides, ideal for a day of fun.

As noted above the bunks more lines are a perfect solution to make better use of available area and allows us to have greater ease of use of the floor. For example, instead of having four beds on the floor that will occupy most of the room, you only have two bunks, one above the other. The remaining space can be used for anything else, as a study area with desk, or leave it open for the children to play.Bunk beds come in many designs and shapes, modern and functional models. The bunk beds are popular for two guys, but there are berths for four. If, for example, only has three beds, you can opt for a bunk bed for 4 and will be a bed available, perhaps for a friend who wants to stay. An important area, vital to live, play and study is the bedroom of children and youth . Rarely are all of the same age or the same sex, but what happens when two older children and a baby ?

In the first picture we see how it could fit 2 beds and a crib in a baby’s bedroom. The beds serve as seating furniture and storage is on the sides of the room. UNOXTUTTI have ideas with space saving solutions, beds with desks removable bridge, trundle beds, loft beds and bunk beds with a third network removable furniture “transformed” to accompany the growth of children meet their needs.

In this process there have been many proposals all aimed at full satisfaction of the special needs of young people today. UNOXTUTTI: the joy and vitality of color, dynamic design with maximum functionality with a dynamic space for innovation intelligent children in the understanding of materials “of movements. Gran expressive power, should have the space of children, to characterize and customize every need with the highest grade of organization.

If you do not have much space, there are also trundle beds triples like the photo above Cerne signature, made ​​from solid wood of the highest quality, with a simple and natural design, very suitable for an environment designed for children, the beds are collected, occupying during the day the space of a single bed, allowing children to use their bedroom comfort to your daily activities.

Blue decoration for your nursery

Today I have wanted to bring  decoration blue for your baby’s room . Shortly spring approaches, and if you plan to change the decor of the room of your baby, this is a great idea.The light colors , especially for smaller babies, a feeling of calm and serenity. This is why we have to combine well the colors to suit the comfort and well being of your baby sleep.A good room for a child must have a corner to read their stories , and these be placed in a good library. As you can see, this seems Blue decoration combines perfectly with the white of the library, in addition to wicker chair, because children must learn to read properly seated.

The game smooth walls with paper prints of paintings like this make a lovely contrast. Furthermore, as we can see, that with a simple box can give more life to the walls .So I encourage you to ye b list for this blue decoration for the room of your baby, or it Play with the colors and different ways to liven up the room and make it more fun .

The pregnancy is a very special time for women, and the family in general. Among the issues that make waiting for a baby is a little more bearable, is the preparation of the baby room .

But what are the points to consider when mounting the small room . The first thing to think about is the color that you paint the room . Think that all colors depend not only on the sex of the child , but also, in the light you have in the room . Many hope the little boy happy with a blue room, however, not always light helps.

Therefore, when thinking about preparing the room you have to consider basically the space that accounts. Once you know the dimensions of the place, you must choose the furniture, which can be reduced to furniture adaptable to the growth of your child .

Another aspect that you should never leave to chance, is the one that is linked to enlightenment. You depend only able to create a warm and protective of the boy of the house more. Finally you should add all the rest of the things you need as accessories and bedding.

We started with the blue color is cool and calming, helps sleep. It is ideal for a nursery.Do not forget that long ago ceased to be an exclusive color of children. Can be seamlessly integrated into the rooms of both sexes. I will give you, if you will, a feminine touch with a cushion pink, or with curtains, sheets, carpet, etc..To me, personally, I like a lot, especially the turquoise that is so fashionable now. I find a color that fantastic effort, both with brown furniture, in all shades, like whites. Combines with pink, yellow and even chocolate as we shall see in a photo at the end of this post.

Or, otherwise, we can decorate the walls with vinyl valances or so that will personalize the room to our liking and commensurate with the age of the child.In my humble opinion, I think in this last photo, for example, too much blue. If you decide to put it only blue I stoop with a neutral color like white. All excessively tired and not pleasant long term.This room I find beautiful, integrates and white chocolate perfectly clear. It is pleasing to the eye and brown highlights if you get to be as aggressive as the blue in the picture above.

The chocolate is still in style, but not as much as before. I’ve been two years that I have in my house, some rooms wall color chocolate and have still not tired. No longer an earth color and that helps, despite being daring, combine with almost everything.
I love chocolate combined with the green and blue, mostly featuring the last two. The final effect is gorgeous.
It is the only strong color that I would dare to put in a daycare. All other terms more better Clarita, are called pastels.
If we decide to put it on the walls, the ideal would be to choose light colored furniture.

Creative Christmas Trees

Almost there for Christmas and from Plans and Decorating Ideas let them unconventional to assemble the Christmas tree.If, in fact the Christmas tree does not have to be the same always fir with colored balls. We can achieve very decorative effects and decorations with different materials as seen in the image gallery now we leave.

Can safely perform Christmas saplings with unconventional elements as we brought today in the gallery.Since trees with cards, boxes and mirrors, ecological, adhesives, with books, all serve to enjoy the holidays without guilt and to make the imagination.

All proposals readily achievable by looking around us to see what we have to count for our creative Christmas tree …… to serve some simple lights .

Some people enjoy theming house for Christmas time, roll a highly decorated leafy tree, add garlands on the staircase barrales, put lights in plants and windows, and even put dishes decorated for use during this time. But, also, there are those who prefer the less conventional Christmas decorations, traditional , original and seek new alternatives to acclimate spaces without losing the feeling of Christmas, albeit in a more personal way.That’s when the creativity comes into action. The truth is that you can put together a Christmas atmosphere even if you choose not to have a pine cone, or conventional decorative elements.

Ideas for a different Christmas pine
The pine cone, natural or artificial, is perhaps the most representative of the symbols of Christmas. But not necessarily have to be a large element: you can create your tree the original , with the same special feeling of the holidays without the traditional elements.

Stacking bottles, thin trunks, and even cardboard tubes on each other can create a special triangular shape. Create a base with seven cardboard tubes, glass or plastic bottles, trunks or similar items horizontally. Attach them with hot glue or caps on their side, so they do not open. Then, place a 6 element so, inserting into the “backs” of the first row. Then place 5, then 4, 3, 2 and ends with a last element.

Another idea is to create trees with no volume to decorate your home. On a broader canvas, draw or paint, or you can also embroider your own interpretation of a pine. Then place a beautiful frame decorative your creation, and you’ve got an original two-dimensional Christmas tree.

On the wall you can create your Christmas pine . Place nails or glue hot glue dots (not to pierce the wall and then remove them easily) and let them wire, colored wools, chains, garlands or whatever you prefer, even a strand of popcorn or dried pasta. So, do your own tree in two dimensions on the wall , decorating the atmosphere of a most original way.

Original decoration for the Christmas tree
Another idea is to have a conventional pine, natural or artificial, and decorate it in a special way. Traditionally used garlands, lametas, wire lights, balls, hanging decorations and ribbons to decorate the pine knot. For a special touch, replace these items.

If you want to create a special and original decoration at Christmas , do not be misled by nothing but your own taste. Anything can be inspiring, to do yourself your own interpretation of Christmas decorations on this special time. Never miss a few ideas in the images attached to this note, and so you can inspire the imagination of others.

How to decorate Halloween ghost

Here is how to make a ghost to decorate Halloween . It will be a simple job of crafts that will give a personal touch to your decor .When decorating the house or home on Halloween, besides the spiders , cobwebs, pumpkins , balloons and other different elements, ghosts can not miss. Therefore, we will show you make a ghost with simple and inexpensive materials.

The first thing you have to do is make the head of the ghost. Depending on the size you want, use more paper or less. It will be as easy as making a paper ball. It is important to crumple the paper well but without crumpling too much and it becomes a very small head. In this case, one could always use more paper.

The following will place the club at the bottom. Being sticks used in kebabs, be careful not to break. The function of the club is to make a base for the ghost then more easily keep up.

The following will cover your head and stick with a piece of white cloth. It is preferably a fabric or hard fat somewhat so that the ghost is more easily keep up. Will place the cloth around his head and with a bow, fat will tie string or yarn through the lower area of ​​the head.

Finally, we decorate the ghost face. You can make ghosts smiling, sad, scared, etc.. It all depends on the imagination of everyone.

Make a ghost hanging from the ceiling
How to decorate Halloween ghost Also, if what we want is a ghost hanging from the ceiling, we can do much the same way. Instead of the stick, use a longer rope and tie when the fabric and make a couple of knots under the head, leave leftover yarn or string. Thus, we can use this thread or string to hang the ghost look as though they are flying. In this case, the fabric can be thinner so that the air phantom body moves.

Making original heads for the nursery

Ideas for original children’s heads, with different materials and shapes, taking into account age, children’s taste and practicality.
The heads are an important part in children’s rooms, and come in all shapes, materials and models.
Without forgetting that the kids bedroom requires simple furniture that can adapt to the different stages of his life, he can do very original.

Heads easy to make
Form a panel of pictures of friends on a cork is quick and easy.
Ideal for children, young people prefer to choose them for themselves.
To be more attractive, post photos new and renew periodically.
The vinyl material is very current, which is booming for its many advantages: variety of forms and colors (animals, names, landscapes, cities) and easy to place.
Although pictures can be classic, combining various issues, shapes and colors are original.
Also, the plaster figures with their favorite drawings, including paintable themselves.
More elaborate heads
Wood heads are always present and, above all, resistant.
They come in fun shapes: castles, skies, trains, trees.
There are companies that manufacture furniture to order.
To take advantage of the head, the shape of house with shelves provides space to place their toys and other objects.
The upholstery is an attractive option for small, since it avoids many bumps.
The most practical are upholstered headboards plastic material, easy to clean.
In the furniture stores are precious child models, flower shaped, board and more.
A clock and tables
There are children who find it difficult to be punctual, lately, it has become fashionable to decorate the wall with a large clock, which helps them know what time it is.
Machinery can be purchased at a department store, and the numbers of adhesive material.
The tables are very useful for storing toys and other objects of daily use.
Trundle beds give no chance to put heads, but little drawers for all types of utilities.

Snowboarding themed youth bedroom

The snowboarding is an extreme sport that is practiced in the snow and that appeals to young people, so also becomes a perfect theme to decorate their rooms. Of course this is a subject that makes it ideal for youth bedrooms decorating houses surrounded by white landscapes, but also an excellent option to move all the beauty of snow to the bedrooms of homes located in other geographical areas.

To be clear this is a perfect theme for any occasion! Of course as long as the adolescent or youth who inhabit the bedroom practice the sport or at least attracted to him. If you look at the snowboarding themed youth bedroom shown in the picture even better you will understand that this is our proposal today.

The snowy landscape that can be seen through the window is a real attraction in this decoration. It would be ideal if these decorating the bedroom of a house in a white landscape, you can use to place large windows show off naked so that nothing interferes between your view of the great outdoors. In this decoration also have to highlight the colored white on the walls, ceiling and floor. It is the best choice in colors , with gray and blue, in order to continue a natural cold and inside the room. The remaining are mostly decorative aesthetic function as ornaments are used to reinforce the theme and bring more character. Here is how one wall is covered with a mural of snowboarding with illustrated images of mountains, pines and a young man performing a trick. Simple, but beautiful.

Do not necessarily have to cover the entire wall with one of these giant-sized murals can also use a smaller snowboarding poster and place it on the headboard wall to make it more visible. Another detail that should be emphasized is the rustic wooden furniture . These are traditional decorations lodges and mountain homes. For texture and dark color add warmth and make this a much more welcoming room amid these low temperature environments.

You can also use the theme of snowboarding for a touch of fun to your room. So we see in this photo which shows a youth room with a blue wall and wood paneled floor, which highlights a vinyl sticker of a snowboarder well animated and friendly.
The vinyl stickers are a very versatile because they are commercially available in all sizes and all designs you can imagine can even ask your own! These decorative stickers are excellent for this subject.