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Flooring kitchen – chess pattern as a classic from the old days

Unique Flooring kitchen with chess patterns

Chess pattern as flooring for the kitchen is perhaps not too big news. Perhaps some of you indeed have such a home. That’s not surprising. Chess pattern flooring can also be part of a classic, as well as a retro equipment. He takes place in many different styles. Its popularity is not there recently.

This has not much to do with the popularity of black and white and the monochrome combination of the two colors somewhat. The broadcast, which can be reached thereby, classic and lifted on one side. At the same time she never looks too boring and monotonous. Even so it makes for a very dynamic character of the interior.

Many different rooms can thus be occupied

You can integrate this pattern in many different types of premises. But as flooring for the kitchen it is especially popular. This can create the most different style of humor.You can formally stylish, casual or somehow locked act. It all depends on the rest of the device. So a kitchen flooring is just simply very neutral and you can afford through him much good stuff.

A little more about the history of kitchen flooring in check pattern

The climax of this kind flooring for the kitchen was in the 1950’s. But in those days mainly bolder colors were used. The materials which are used in this period, were marble, terracotta and clay. But it was inspired for the general use of this pattern by the discoveries from past eras.

Over time, established the black and white color version. You always had an edge and a motif diamonds.

The usual materials

First, marble and monocottura for the development of chess were used tiles. Some specific types of clay were used. This design was typical first of all for the historic building. With the onset of the 20th century were discovered other materials which were used for the use of chess flooring. Those are been Linoleum and Vinyl.

These two have also greatly contributed to its increased popularity, just because they are very easy to install. In addition, you could from these materials chess flooring make for the kitchen in almost any color. Both materials have remained very popular to this day.

Marble, ceramic and porcelain also took a worthy place in the production of tiles.

The different variations of chess flooring for the kitchen

Chess Pattern flooring in the kitchen is a minimalistic as possible variants, which could be introduced to any interior. At the same time you are able to reach an incredibly large variety within this pattern.

You can put some in a more horizontally or vertically oriented design. Chess flooring can cover a diagonal and irregular surface also wonderful.

Useful tips

Here are some useful tips that you should definitely pay attention to kitchen flooring when laying out of chess. If you want to achieve a more formal and upscale look, then you should opt for noble materials such as marble.

Do not forget it, that you also should always be very practical in a kitchen flooring.You need to opt for darker shades there, is in which the dirt is not too much to see.

You can and should decide which correspond well with those of the soil, of course, in the rest of kitchen equipment for colors and nuances. But you should have different nuances.

Wall decorated with hangers

A coat rack by trix ! Great inspiration to harness the potential of storage walls is to decorate a front with a composition of knobs. Round models, colors and sizes, placed equidistant so as to form a grid. Definitely an idea that you can apply to the foyer, a hallway and the children’s room.

In addition to practice and very decorative, it is a cheaper alternative to traditional modular compositions, even the shelves or racks. And it provides a negligible storage capacity. Are Losjon model Ikea , and are easily mounted on the wall with double-sided adhesive accounting or screwing.

Basic Tips for decorating your attic

This post has a clear goal, give you some vital clues that, when you dive in the decor of your attic does not fit doubt about how to start. You can put them into practice and you work.This is not a post about trends in this case, or focused on something more aesthetic, it is a very practical clues about use of space and how to leverage these rooms or entire floors .The attic if anything have is magic in abundance, we must know to take.


Think wheels . Everything you can think that you can do well, if it has wheels, even better. The best thing is that you can move easily , this will make life a thousand times easier in an attic. From drawers, to tables, to chairs. Anything goes and it is best if worn.
Organization: everything in its place . It becomes a basic essential to have on hand (and truth) all in a space like this trunks, hanging structures, from vanity to cupboards or shelves.

Extra space . Gaining space is a must, and in spaces so more , if possible. It is best if you have bed, has couch, if you have a sofa, has room for storage, and tables, several shelves to organize things there too.
Boxes everywhere . They are phenomenal and very practical, are well and come in various types: from the most decorative and artistic to the most functional.

The walls are to take advantage (and ceilings) . As we moved everything pendant is wonderful, gain space of where and what you thought completely lost . From TV, to the speakers, to plants.
Open spaces . A good idea is to choose things that make you feel that everything is open: hangers with wheels and fold-away shelves or cabinets without doors, base cabinets or even without them in the corners of difficult access for shoes, etc..
The windows are key, the doors, expendable . Windows with views directly to heaven to enjoy it from the bed, are a luxury and give a light if we accompany the set of white walls and furniture and other tricks. The doors, if what it is to give the feeling of spaciousness and open spaces are not necessary.

Original Shelves with ropes

Today we shelves bare bones and very original to any corner of the house a very easy DIY and it is gorgeous. It is made ​​with ropes and a couple of tables. You can use any type of table you have at home.The tables will be our shelves, can be either natural wood or if you dare, you can paint as you like. Use two ropes, one more fat to hang shelves and a thinner to ensure the sides. ‘ll also need some wall hangers, scissors and a drill to make holes in each of the shelves.

Go through the shelves with the rope, and the rope attached to the hangers. Tie a knot and put the first table. Then return to make another knot and place the second table to finish the shelf.  To that clamp perfectly, the tables have to carry knots both above and below , and the thinnest string, will serve to unite with a cross the two tables. If you think that not all materials are good for all craft work I think with this idea today strongly change the way you think. With some planks of wood and some rope we can get an amazing shelf to hang with a very original, we will not see every day. You can then read in step by step how to make a wooden shelf and with ropes as we see in the image below.

 The materials needed are:

4 wooden boards
Rather thick rope
Paint color
Obviously the first thing you have to do is paint color charts that you like , in this case we chose a very dark blue sailor. Then in the end we will make a hole, in total for each table should have four holes one in each corner to stop by rope to be very thick as we see in the picture above .. Make knots thick so it does not leave the tables, and then we can hang quietly obviously this shelf wood and rope .

Decorate Shoe closet

Shoe closet does not seem to be the consumer bulky cabinet space. Shoemakers cabinets can be great solutions to a collection of shoes, especially if the house is big enough but small spaces in apartments, most people may not have room for a closet shoe rack.Even deciding to use the floor as a place to put your shoes is a good idea. But with the development and innovation of the devices that are designed to fit in small spaces, closets rotating shoemakers can be a great solution for shoe storage.The revolving shoe closet design is based on a simple and yet offers very good features such as ease of comfort and is a great space saver. There’s even shoemakers rotating cabinets that can enter a cabinet, for example in a closet or wardrobe. You can remove them easily for easy access to your shoes and return it to store when not needed anymore. ‘s shoe closet being used is often very innovative shoe box with wheels to move under the bed.

These storage drawers on wheels under the bed can be easily pulled from the same, if you need the shoes and then re-save. This type of unit can be a little inconvenient because of the discomfort from having to bend down, but they are very good storage units for shoes that do not use for a while.The shoemakers popular and convenient rotating cabinets are also very good if you are the type of person who is always late and wants to grab the shoes immediately. One good thing about this type of shoe closet is that they vary in size depending on available space and the number of shoes you have. There are many online stores that sell a wide range of rotary shoemakers cabinets that will fit your needs, the installation can be necessary, but there are also shoemakers rotating cabinets ready to use. A shoe closet with twist mechanism in your home is definitely a must have.

I am not of those who have dozens of pairs of shoes, but I know many people (especially women) who have more than ten of them at home. And unless you have a typical dressing movies where a hundred pairs of shoes fit perfectly organized, have many shoes can be a real chaos of organization, obviously due to lack of space.

So today we wanted to do an article dedicated to bring you ideas, furniture and other suggestions to try to solve that little problem of organization and storage of shoes.Not that you’re going to give the ultimate solution, but surely these ideas and suggestions to save and organize your infinity pairs of shoes will make your house be a bit more orderly.

Furniture shoemakers:
Obviously the first thing we recommend is the furniture shoemakers. This is not a breakthrough, but if you have space or make a hole to place a shoemaker, and this will help us a lot in this task. Besides, with such modern designs and there are current and also a really good price, it is an option that you should take into account.

Then we also have cupboards, yes, closets that are not as showy, but which fulfill the function practiced to perfection. They are not as glamorous as a nice dressing, but considering its price and functionality, others would not find a hole to place one.And of course, as I said before, there are current shoemakers with a very modern design, which, in addition to help us order our shoes.

These are just some examples of the hundreds of possible shoemakers furniture that you can buy to end the problem of “Where to store shoes.”

Shelves for shoes:
If you already have a shoe cabinet and you find no space to add another. Maybe you can add a shelf specific shoes. The shelves serve the same function, but to be structural, can be mounted depending on the space available.

If we have a lot of space, we can mount a large, how are you,
If you do not have space for a large, perhaps we can put several small at strategic locations such as the entrance of the house to store shoes. These shelves small, not much space to store shoes, but having this size can put several in different places so we can have better organized shoes.
Shoe Organizers are extremely useful, versatile and practical. They can be hung from anywhere and obviously depending on their size can save as many shoes as you want.

The good thing about shoe organizers, is as said earlier that being very versatile, they can be hung from the interior of the cabinet doors. Not assigned or waste more space than we have but adding multiple storage compartments suggestive shoes. Another option to take into account especially if we do not have space for shelves or furniture or cobblers.

Choose outdoor rugs

The outdoor rugs came into use when it starts to get chilly in the garden, porch or terrace. When used, delimit spaces and provide warmth to the spaces.High temperatures until dawn are not going to be company last September, come cool nights in the garden.  Make adjustments improved outdoor carpet with the help of outdoor furniture. An outdoor area surrounding uses outside of the house and provides attractive space. These rugs are mainly used in outdoor areas like the deck, porch and patio homes. The outdoor rugs add beauty and style to your home. Visitors and guests are given a warm welcome with the breathtaking beauty of the carpets of outdoor furniture.

In general, outdoor furniture rugs can be used for all seasons and thus a waterproof variety of carpet must be purchased. There is various furniture rugs available in different sizes, shapes and styles beautiful. The outdoor rugs should be purchased with high-quality materials and must be constructed of materials resistant to weather and water. In the process of buying outdoor furniture rugs should verify that these rugs will stay on the porch, patio and deck for long periods, and is usable for all seasons.

The coordination of an outdoor carpet with additional accessories cushions, pillows and large outdoor umbrellas helps create a unified look comfortable outdoor patio and the environment of the house. The outdoor rugs should be purchased from the abstract to provide comfort, durability and style to the outdoor environment. Design of outer space should be done with the purpose of providing seating space in the environment. Selecting rugs can be made in several stores for home improvements and this improves the range of different varieties of carpets, and can be chosen according to the colors and materials available. The outdoor living environment requires a sense of warmth and softness, and are provided with the supply of outdoor furniture rugs. A recent trend has become a method to decorate outer space and this can be done by decorating the outside environment with carpets, and is regarded as an essential part of the external environment.

The carpet outdoor furniture should offer beauty and at the same time should be used for all purposes and act accordingly to seasonal variations. The rugs to cover a majority of their outdoor patio, and can not be changed frequently. So one time purchase of all time carpets usable outdoor furniture should be made. The carpet industry has arisen to provide the latest technological carpets act are introduced into the water and weatherproof and these mats are manufactured to offer beauty to outdoor spaces.

Carpets should provide flexibility, durability and comfort, and have to be purchased with these qualities. In recent times, the industry of outdoor furniture carpet is considered rapidly developing industry. These industries help the emerging trend in the outdoor environment with the provision of durable fashionable home decor. The interior and exterior decorators prefer pads that help endure for a longer and can be cleaned quickly in the specified areas.

The carpets need more outdoor furniture paved way for the development of thousands of new designs and many companies have evolved in the production of outdoor rugs. Carpets come in the form of handmade rugs and machine-woven rugs. Handmade rugs are made with beautiful embroidery and embellishments and offer more beauty and attractions in the outside area. From handmade rugs are fragile and soft proper care should be given to them. Carpet machine made print designs, and are hard and resistant.

They are suitable for outdoor environment and can be used for all purposes and for all weather conditions. Trends constant requirements such as weather resistance, water resistance and stain resistance are mostly preferred by the people and for fast color technology. Carpets made of synthetic fiber and is manufactured to provide smooth cotton received, and adds a special feature in the outer areas.So, is the ideal time to place a rug on the porch, terrace or garden.

What carpet choose?
The rugs are designed and manufactured to place outdoors, even to enjoy them throughout the year, are made of special fibers that withstand inclement weather such as rain, heat, cold or even snow.Surely you will find the most suitable for you. Here are a number of pieces of design to choose from.The tactile sensation is similar to turf: natural and fresh. For this we have used a synthetic material generation Vondom developed especially for ensuring an easy cleaning, based only pressurized water and a brush. A generation synthetic material specially developed for Vondom, ensures easy cleaning, high pressure water and a brush.

For outdoor carpet Ketal, Patricia Urquiola has employed a unique and innovative textile d’ape nest called a three dimensional braiding made of PVC.

It is a very special fabric, innovative and unique called d’ape nest . This is a three-dimensional braiding made ​​of PVC, with outstanding technical features to transpire, rubbing and resist ultraviolet rays.”A macro playback organic tissue: a coffee filter seen under a microscope”, say from Kettal. The carpets, very comfortable, come in four color combinations: brown, gray, beige and red. And, you can wash them.

Realism on the walls

When we thought of decorating a wall of any room in the house, we always thought the wallpaper as an alternative to classical painting, but now also begin to “become fashionable” the realistic murals . Murals completely occupying the wall of a room with a motive, quite realistic drawing or photograph, while sometimes it seems that you can put into it.

Although the reasons for this type of murals are as varied, it is clear that the most prominent are the reproductions of cities. Imagine having background London or Paris in your own living room. In these cases, sometimes can help to give a feeling of spaciousness to a room , for example, as there are murals that seem to continue to the bottom of the wall and that feeling is inevitable.
Centuries ago, artists were hired to paint the illusion sometimes chandeliers and elaborate domes on cathedral ceilings. This hyper-realistic painting technique known as trompe l’oeil, is often carried out to save money. Today, artists who specialize in trompe l’oeil faux painting can still be hired to paint the illusion of brick or stone in a plane otherwise empty wall.

Choose the colors of the stone. You need a base layer (this will also be the color of the grout), then two shades of darker paint for the glaze on the stone.

Paint the base coat on the walls and let it dry. Use a roller for large areas and a brush for corners.Cover the edges of the stone with masking tape. When the masking tape should be is where the grout will be in the finished wall.Dip the sponge in the darker colors of paint, apply the sponge to remove excess paint and paint the outer edges and the inner parts of the individual stones in the walls. This process is known as glazing. The sponge should start creating a shadow effect, creating the appearance of a rough texture on the stone.

Dip the sponge in the paint color that has not been used, remove the sponge to remove excess paint, then drop of paint on the stone areas left glazed .

Smudge and mix together fresh paint the stones with a cheese cloth, to decrease the contrast between the two colors and to soften the sponge painting effect.

Remove the painter’s tape on the walls.

Choose an imaginary light source – ideally, in the direction of a real window in the room – and imagine the light that reaches each stone you just paint in the room. An edge of the stone would be lighter and darker edge would. Paint Paint a strip light (possibly the base layer) in the edge of the stone closest to the imaginary light source, then painting a strip darker paint on the opposite edge of the stone to represent the shadow. This stone will give the three-dimensional appearance you need.

Ideas to decorate pumpkins

A different idea to decorate pumpkins , and removing them from the typical orange stage is painting them another color. recommended colors are gold and silver, as highlighted in the same way to the pumpkin and will make this look modern and original, very different from the typical orange pumpkins we all know.pumpkin Carving takes time, work and other cleaning should take care of all the pulp and seeds remaining. If this year you prefer to change the tradition a bit I propose these ideas to give a new look to your pumpkins without a knife.

Do you want a chic style to your pumpkin? Then use sequins, rhinestones and studs. Glue a strong glue if you want your design to be ruined with every passing day. Create elegant abstract designs to give your pumpkin or faces for a more sympathetic style.
These pumpkins are pretty simple, all you need is a paper silhouette (either drawn, cut from magazines or printed from the Internet) and acrylic paint black. Cut the silhouette, double tape it and paint the rest black pumpkin. Do not let this dry completely before removing the paper, since it can stick and ruin the design.

Fan of the decoupage? Then try it on your pumpkins. Before you can paint a pumpkin particular color and let it dry, but not necessary. Find a napkin with a picture that you like and cut it carefully. Paint a layer of decoupage special glue on the pumpkin (if you are in the United States is best Mod Podge) and stick design. Paint two coats over glue and let dry completely pumpkin.Another way to decorate your pumpkins is with acrylic paint. Create your own geometric designs such as the picture, or paint other drawings. To create lines using masking tape. Do not let the paint dry completely before removing the tape, as it can stick. Add two coats of paint, letting each dry for at least thirty minutes.
This project is perfect for small pumpkins, since you can group and use as a centerpiece. Clean the pumpkin well before starting. Paint a layer of white glue and add the glitter with a spoon, shaking as you add more. Let it dry completely.

Lack really just for Halloween, and if you plan to decorate your home will surely be looking for alternatives. In LasManualidades we have given several craft ideas for Halloween, and today I want to show you how to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween.

When decorating a pumpkin you can use different techniques depending on our skills and time to decorate it. Then I leave several alternatives to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween . If you are short of time we can place the pumpkin in a black stocking panty printed, the truth is very simple and the result is more interesting.Another alternative is to draw mouth and eyes to the pumpkin with indelible Fiber.

We can also paint it white and draw different reasons, click on the image you can see how.And if we want to carve a pumpkin as traditionally customary in this party can, with a little patience and some good knives, we can create our own carved pumpkin.As you can see, there are several alternatives, all depends on the result you are looking for and who they are to make the craft.

Decorating interior with tree branches

Today you can see a variety of everyday uses elements that have been transformed to provide certain elegance in decor, such as garbage that nobody wants and discarded is reused to create items decorative for the home , however never before had thought of the branches of trees as decorative elements, which are abundant worldwide, where his strategic use inside the house, you can make this home become a great and functional.

These branches manage to harmonize perfectly with any decor you have in the home, which bring a touch extraordinary in these spaces. These branches can be used in different ways when decorating, which only requires a little imagination on the part of the person in order to create a spectacular setting, for example you can make a branch make several holes so that it can fit scented candles to perfection, so use it as a chandelier but with a much more shirt.

A good choice to decorate our house it is with tree branches!!!!by how easy they are to adapt to different styles of decoration and also the cost of little since seizing every field trip we can do with some There are a thousand ways to use the branches to the When decorating.

These elements of great attraction fail to provide a great warmth to the home, which is always in contact with the nature . Best of all, these branches can be cut, painted and bound by the standards of the people, also can be used as room dividers, as base tables, and bar to hang curtains as decorative elements inside a vase, as coat racks, etc..

How to furnish small kitchen successfully

If you have not yet discovered how to furnish a small kitchen to get a greater feeling of spaciousness, join some ideas to get to do it successfully. For starters, there is a concept that is essential: colored bet, they are also highly topical in these spaces.

The idea is to get a good light, so I replaced the curtains for a curtain or blinds very light. Depending on your needs, you can dispense with the top units and go for other alternatives : shelves, rails, hangers … A small sized kitchen can never be overloaded.
However, you have to find room for all those items you use daily in the kitchen. It’s best that you make a good cleaning, and prescindas of everything that really do not use ever. As you know, the interior maximum is less is more .

You have many ideas to make the space available : Rinconeros furniture, baseboards which are replaced with drawers, appliances small size … maybe you can find another more suitable space for washing machine, such as the bathroom. It’s all about trying.

The order also essential. Try to always keep the countertop clear , because if this is full of things the kitchen look much smaller. As for lighting, replacing halogen bulbs with lamps , and ensures that the upper cabinets have glass doors and also light up inside. Cheer up, because you just have to take a little imagination to get it.