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Lilac Floors

The lilac color is very feminine, romantic inspiration and spiritual involvement. A perfect color for use in the decoration of rooms. In this blog we have presented various ideas and proposals to decorate bedrooms, living rooms and even kitchens in lilac. Today, we revisit the issue of the decor but this time to apply the color purple on the floor of these rooms .

The colored soils are a modern trend that is becoming popular by the day. As much as the walls and ceiling, they also deserve a dedicated and special decoration, so we must take care that their aesthetics are as attractive as the rest of the decor. Among the different flooring choices in colors we find the lilac . As mentioned in the introduction, this is a beautiful color and ideal for decorating female environments. It is also a very romantic tone and the violet is a spiritual color, lilac tone influences the personal level. In this first picture we see a modern room with purple floor . This is a smooth coating and bright tone that combines beautiful with the green color of the walls and ceiling white, besides the orange touches the puff that create a more youthful and vibrant decor.

Another option is flooring ceramic lilac that are recommended for decoration of bathrooms and kitchens. These coatings are very tough and durable. And although ceramics and tiles are so classic, a touch of color to make them more innovative and modern. But it all depends on the preferences of each and decorative style you have chosen in the room. In this case we can envisage a lilac floor in a modern setting – rustic.

In these present times combine these two styles quite often and do not necessarily have to coloring the entire floor in this color, but we can also decorate placing for over a carpet of purple tone as seen in this photo. Carpets are very important in decorating accessories, such as most textiles. So it is a good idea to take advantage of them dyeing them a nice color like the lilac to place in the decoration and give more character and personality.

If there was any doubt that the lilac ceramics were a good choice, here we left another picture of a modern bathroom where this coating gives a very luxurious and elegant. This time he combined it with strips coated with stones and green plants also provide weather naturally to more harmonious and balanced. A perfect bath for relaxation.
And finally, another picture of a dining room with lilac carpet . It amazes me to see how a completely blank as this dining room ( table, chairs, curtains, walls and floors white ) look so different with just a rug in this beautiful color.

How to maintain iron

Many indeed are the materials that are used today both for construction and for furniture, but there are some that never go out of fashion and are always very current. One of these could be iron, very ductile material used especially for making real masterpieces of furniture. But also the iron, as for the rest of other materials, have the need to receive adequate maintenance. This is precisely the topic we’re going to be treated, or how to carry out its maintenance.

Many are the accessories for furniture made ​​from this material, such as grates, gates, railings for balconies and much more. Those listed thus far are elements that live constantly outside of our homes and therefore more than others, positioned inside, require a more specific care. Being located just outside are constantly subject to atticchi of all atmospheric agents such as rain, the sun moisture, their main enemy is definitely rust. This in addition to affecting the aesthetics of the building, acts so as to injure sometimes in a very heavy even the structure itself, putting at risk the safety of people passing through on the right. However, you can delete it in an almost definitive, just follow certain rules.

Before you see in detail the suggestions in this regard, it should be clarified that when an object is formed on the rust, and paint it just does not do anything with a simple coat of paint will go only to cover the same rust on a visual level, but deep down this continues to act undisturbed thus continuing his work of destruction. That is why it will be necessary to remove it in all its parts with the help of a sharp iron or with the help of a rotary brush. To make a definitive work and not to have to wipe then in the narrow space of a short time, it will be appropriate to pass on the entire surface of even the one that apparently does not present any problem. We must reserve an eye on especially in parts of the junction, on the welds and hinges.

Once we have finished scraping, we should provide for eleiminare all the debris and dust that have accumulated in the course of work to do this, or we could use a soft broom or better yet a compressor, be sure to do a job really If you were faced with very worn out parts that have holes or cracks, it will provide opportino to restore welded Now we go on any subject that we are placing , a generous coat of rust, taking care to pass at all points, without leaving nothing to chance at this point we just have to wait for the product to dry waiting to pass the final varnish When all the parts are dry adeguantamente, verniciale to proceed with a suitable varnish, spread the first coat, let it dry and if necessary revise With a little bit of patience combined with a good dose of commitment we reported the object in very good condition.

Exterior lighting chill out on your balcony

Chill out lighting can transform your garden or terrace in a place in which to relax and unwind. It is very easy to give a new look to the exterior of your home decor and create different environments by changing outdoor lighting.If you are thinking of redecorating your garden, balcony, porch or terrace making a minimal investment, you should consider lighting chill out as a quick and easy way to transform the spaces and create new environments.

The chill out style , fashion increasingly outdoors, is to create environments or spaces that invite you to relax, rest and reflection. They are getting to create a place to call for calm and disconnection, so it can be very advisable to have a corner well at home in which to relax at the end of the day. And a simple way to create a comfortable environment is the options offered enlightenment chill out. A proper outdoor lighting will provide pleasant sensations, transforming our garden or terrace in a comfortable space.

Among the possibilities offered outdoor lighting, the LED lighting known for its low power consumption and improved durability. Recreational outdoor lighting for your garden or terrace, chill out style offers very original alternatives:

Floor Lighting : Outdoor Lighting more used to chill out style is one that comes from the soil. Lighting tubes or rods are ideal Ibiza in this regard. This type of light recreates a warm and relaxing.
Objects illuminated: In recent years it has also become fashionable, outdoor lighting illuminated objects for decorating gardens and terraces. To avoid overloading the zone light we offer several models of illuminated planters that will highlight your plants and allow you to play with different points of light. Another option is the bottle Palma, which will give a perfect touch to any dinner party in your garden or terrace chill out style.
Spheres: However, if you prefer to give it a more romantic and intimate, we recommend using luminous spheres, as they provide a minimalist to your terrace or garden style chill out, and noted for their simplicity and elegance.
Colors: For nightly dinners with friends, a good idea may be to use outdoor lighting with changing colors. These lights, which usually come from wireless lamps, have cycles of up to 7 colors, allowing you to enjoy a visual feast, which will involve any evening magic.
Sunlight: If you want to save energy, while giving your outdoor lighting a touch of personality, we offer the option of solar stones, which fit perfectly with the decor chill out in your garden or terrace.
Then, we propose some more tips to keep in mind, in addition to outdoor lighting for decoration chill out in your garden, balcony or terrace:

Palette creams, blues and whites . For decoration chill out is recommended to paint the walls in blue but in its grayer range by adding elements in pastel colors that bring warmth to the whole.
Artificial Turf . If you want to recreate a totally chill out, artificial turf can turn your terrace into a true oasis.
Outdoor Furniture . In this type of decoration are mainly used beds, sofas, ottomans, hammocks and swings. The furniture should be above all comfortable outdoor furniture that invite to rest and relax.
Cushions on the sofas and chairs provide comfort for the chill atmosphere. Carpets, curtains …, textile printing to terrace your personality and should feature in the decoration chill out.
Candles , especially scented candles, complete the surround environment typical of this style of decoration.