Creative Christmas Trees

Almost there for Christmas and from Plans and Decorating Ideas let them unconventional to assemble the Christmas tree.If, in fact the Christmas tree does not have to be the same always fir with colored balls. We can achieve very decorative effects and decorations with different materials as seen in the image gallery now we leave.

Can safely perform Christmas saplings with unconventional elements as we brought today in the gallery.Since trees with cards, boxes and mirrors, ecological, adhesives, with books, all serve to enjoy the holidays without guilt and to make the imagination.

All proposals readily achievable by looking around us to see what we have to count for our creative Christmas tree …… to serve some simple lights .

Some people enjoy theming house for Christmas time, roll a highly decorated leafy tree, add garlands on the staircase barrales, put lights in plants and windows, and even put dishes decorated for use during this time. But, also, there are those who prefer the less conventional Christmas decorations, traditional , original and seek new alternatives to acclimate spaces without losing the feeling of Christmas, albeit in a more personal way.That’s when the creativity comes into action. The truth is that you can put together a Christmas atmosphere even if you choose not to have a pine cone, or conventional decorative elements.

Ideas for a different Christmas pine
The pine cone, natural or artificial, is perhaps the most representative of the symbols of Christmas. But not necessarily have to be a large element: you can create your tree the original , with the same special feeling of the holidays without the traditional elements.

Stacking bottles, thin trunks, and even cardboard tubes on each other can create a special triangular shape. Create a base with seven cardboard tubes, glass or plastic bottles, trunks or similar items horizontally. Attach them with hot glue or caps on their side, so they do not open. Then, place a 6 element so, inserting into the “backs” of the first row. Then place 5, then 4, 3, 2 and ends with a last element.

Another idea is to create trees with no volume to decorate your home. On a broader canvas, draw or paint, or you can also embroider your own interpretation of a pine. Then place a beautiful frame decorative your creation, and you’ve got an original two-dimensional Christmas tree.

On the wall you can create your Christmas pine . Place nails or glue hot glue dots (not to pierce the wall and then remove them easily) and let them wire, colored wools, chains, garlands or whatever you prefer, even a strand of popcorn or dried pasta. So, do your own tree in two dimensions on the wall , decorating the atmosphere of a most original way.

Original decoration for the Christmas tree
Another idea is to have a conventional pine, natural or artificial, and decorate it in a special way. Traditionally used garlands, lametas, wire lights, balls, hanging decorations and ribbons to decorate the pine knot. For a special touch, replace these items.

If you want to create a special and original decoration at Christmas , do not be misled by nothing but your own taste. Anything can be inspiring, to do yourself your own interpretation of Christmas decorations on this special time. Never miss a few ideas in the images attached to this note, and so you can inspire the imagination of others.