Facebook offices in Palo Alto

Following the track to do big business in the world and their offices, today is the turn at Facebook headquarters . Today we will see the working environment to its developers at the offices of the well known social network Facebook in Palo Alto, California.Facebook’s headquarters are located in the Stanford Research Park, close to Stanford University. Then we will see jobs and the environment surrounding developers social network that has at least 800 million members worldwide. The study commissioned to carry out the work is these offices Studio O + A .

The first thing we saw pictures of the offices of Facebook is that jobs are organized in a way Open Space . Are open spaces in which all members live together somewhat.
Another thing that has caught my attention first is that it also has a wall to post messages, which if you think about it could not miss talking about this social network. The Facebook Wall , as it is called this wall is located near the entrance of the offices and whosoever, whether employee or visitor, you can write a post on it.
Although almost the entire office wants to be like a giant and Royal Facebook, and encouraged employees to add artwork, writing on walls and move furniture, depending on the needs. Everything to customize your workspace .

The offices are divided into two large buildings of almost 140,000 m2 each, although both feature a kitchen where employees can find snacks to feed your mind during long shifts.
Another way to regenerate the mind is giving break, and for it to be quality offices have several seating areas for employees to relax and think of new ideas. Some are open, while others are closer to relaxation is complete. Some are even consoles.

The design of the different areas of development of the social network is defined by changes in color and space, although they all have a common finishes and overall design for all. This feature makes all of them have their own personality within the same set.
In general we are an office with stimulating colors , with fun details and are a very innovative aesthetics and above all, very own Facebook. And the relaxation of its employees not only looking inside the buildings, but also outside. Outside we see a basketball court, table tennis and even a small skate park for skaters.