Garden gnomes

Personally, I always had a mix of print and fear. And like all scary things . I have to face the garden gnome . There are a lot of people I like. This can be easily checked, for example, in Germany 30 million gardens have a dwarf.

From there is also the sociologist Hans Prahl, who developed a new discipline of “enanología”. He is devoted to the study of the origin of garden gnomes that according to his theory, is located in the Middle Ages in Turkey.

These would be a replica of the pygmies who worked in underground mines, who were dressed in colorful clothes to be seen in the dark. Then they attributed magical powers, and that is why to protect the mine owners sent to make replicas of their employees, in order to scare the evil forces living in the center of the earth.

Once made, this statue quickly became a decorative element.  Currently the garden gnomes have their own museums and parks. And conventions are made ​​against “ridiculing the dwarf and his legitimate manufacture” in Germany since 1995.

To me the truth I do not like at all, and as I said before it’s like I get miedito. But if you like them, I leave some designs for you to choose what you put in your garden .