How to decorate Halloween ghost

Here is how to make a ghost to decorate Halloween . It will be a simple job of crafts that will give a personal touch to your decor .When decorating the house or home on Halloween, besides the spiders , cobwebs, pumpkins , balloons and other different elements, ghosts can not miss. Therefore, we will show you make a ghost with simple and inexpensive materials.

The first thing you have to do is make the head of the ghost. Depending on the size you want, use more paper or less. It will be as easy as making a paper ball. It is important to crumple the paper well but without crumpling too much and it becomes a very small head. In this case, one could always use more paper.

The following will place the club at the bottom. Being sticks used in kebabs, be careful not to break. The function of the club is to make a base for the ghost then more easily keep up.

The following will cover your head and stick with a piece of white cloth. It is preferably a fabric or hard fat somewhat so that the ghost is more easily keep up. Will place the cloth around his head and with a bow, fat will tie string or yarn through the lower area of ​​the head.

Finally, we decorate the ghost face. You can make ghosts smiling, sad, scared, etc.. It all depends on the imagination of everyone.

Make a ghost hanging from the ceiling
How to decorate Halloween ghost Also, if what we want is a ghost hanging from the ceiling, we can do much the same way. Instead of the stick, use a longer rope and tie when the fabric and make a couple of knots under the head, leave leftover yarn or string. Thus, we can use this thread or string to hang the ghost look as though they are flying. In this case, the fabric can be thinner so that the air phantom body moves.