How to furnish small kitchen successfully

If you have not yet discovered how to furnish a small kitchen to get a greater feeling of spaciousness, join some ideas to get to do it successfully. For starters, there is a concept that is essential: colored bet, they are also highly topical in these spaces.

The idea is to get a good light, so I replaced the curtains for a curtain or blinds very light. Depending on your needs, you can dispense with the top units and go for other alternatives : shelves, rails, hangers … A small sized kitchen can never be overloaded.
However, you have to find room for all those items you use daily in the kitchen. It’s best that you make a good cleaning, and prescindas of everything that really do not use ever. As you know, the interior maximum is less is more .

You have many ideas to make the space available : Rinconeros furniture, baseboards which are replaced with drawers, appliances small size … maybe you can find another more suitable space for washing machine, such as the bathroom. It’s all about trying.

The order also essential. Try to always keep the countertop clear , because if this is full of things the kitchen look much smaller. As for lighting, replacing halogen bulbs with lamps , and ensures that the upper cabinets have glass doors and also light up inside. Cheer up, because you just have to take a little imagination to get it.