How to make a path for your home garden

This brief tutorial will explain in a way summed up the process of building roads brick exteriors made to move without stepping on the grass.The outdoor flooring also serve to define the architecture of the house and the gardens give frame. The sidewalks are functional but also support the aesthetic and artistic expression. There are tiled sidewalks, pavers, bricks, wood, and tile . You can highlight the architecture of your home and improve its functionality built paths in the garden. ‘s durability and aesthetic characteristics on the sidewalks or roads outside on your property are aspects to take into account. While the construction of sidewalks and patios is not a difficult task, it can be quite slow depending on the size of what is to be built.

When you are installing bricks to walk on them must choose ones that are of quality . These bricks are suitable for a wide range of climatic conditions and very durable to wear. sure you have all the materials needed for your project before you start. If desired, you can order at home to minimize wear of your vehicle and save pains the back.

Prepare the area where you want to install the bricks. Use a hose on the ground, is a great tool to determine the area of the future path . Place wooden stakes buried 18 inches (46 cm) in two (61 cm) or three feet (91 cm) at the perimeter of the path to be performed. These stakes will show the area where you must dig to place the bricks. Remove the grass and dirt making the edges are fully defined and vertical. You should dig about eight inches to make sure there is space for the base layer on which the bricks are then placed to tread.

Make sure that the land is leveled for the base project. The journey of the sidewalk should be level all the way, and must also have a gentle slope. The trail should be almost the same level in all directions. You should have a slight slope so that rainwater or flushing to drain out of the path rather than to puddle in the middle. Try to create a slope of about 1 “(2.5 cm) every 4-8 feet (1.22 m – 2.44 m).

Use a level of 4 feet (1.22 m) or a leveler of rope, the rope is hooked on a spirit level, and make adjustments as needed. As you add new layers of earth, confirm that the slope is conserved along the surface. Place a layer of gravel to a thickness of 4 inches (10 cm) in the “bed” and compact down. Again, make sure the gravel level is appropriate according to the project. wooden pods Secure the edges of the formwork to the stakes, using wood screws, is to define the edges of the sidewalk, like a box to work within the same and achieve the shape of the path to create.

If there are curves on the edge of the sidewalk will have to cut and fold the formwork. This is achieved by sawing the wood against the grain, making a cut every ½ inch (1.27 cm). I will bend the wood to fit the desired curve. Alternatively, there are now plastic forms available to define the edge of the brick sidewalk. These are then ground and act as permanent lateral support of the bricks. If you want to define the edge of the sidewalk with bricks, place these along the edge of the formwork.

Fill the bed base with 1/2 to 1 inch (1.27 cm to 2.5 cm) of sand. Sand forms a layer excellent for bricks, since it acts almost equal to the concrete after it has wet and dry repeatedly. Note the depth of the bricks and sand sets only necessary to make sure the bricks are level with one another, to observe the level of decline and that level is harmonized with what surrounds it. Arrase wetting sand and having a wood strip to ensure that the surface is level. Look well for each foot (measure) of the sidewalk to make sure it is level. Place the bricks on sand, arrange each brick with a mass of hard rubber. Regular hammers metal head cracked bricks, so should avoid.

Once all the bricks are in place, spread a layer of sand over the bricks and boards, then bar them carefully, which are among the bricks and edge. Spray water on the bricks to secure them with sand. The sand becomes very hard , such as concrete, as time passes.

I hope your sidewalk look at home and find it useful for long.