How to prevent bad falls at home

The falls down stairs or on the floor are one of the most frequent accidents in the home, but with some changes as you can to prevent them. How many times you were, running around the house with the cloth slippers, d ‘ stumble into the carpet and finish long and lying on the floor ? Or glide from one step of the stairs because you did not want to turn on the light and, not seeing exactly where you put your feet, you got a bad crooked ?

Many of falls that occur in the home you could easily avoid if you lend just a little ‘more attention.

Having the floors too smooth and shiny is nice but can be a major cause of the fall, so avoid spending too much often wax and instead of walk around in bare feet wearing slippers with rubber soles or socks anti- slide . careful then to the carpet : it would be preferable not to disseminate the house floor rugs and mats , but if you really are your passion and you can not help it, at least try to choose them stiff and heavy in order to avoid the formation of of folds in which stumble. would be even better that they were not too high and that they had not the fringes . In addition, to keep them well bonded to the floor, muniscili a network slip to apply below. A place to be careful is the shower and bathtub : often due to wet surfaces may cause a bad tumbles and then put some mats anti-slip in the shower and do the install grab bars in the bathtub: will help you keep your balance better when you dive in the water or when you are about to leave. fearsome Another pitfall is represented by stairs and steps: When you has to do with a folding ladder , it is essential not climb barefoot or wearing only socks or slippers open, but rather wear closed shoes with rubber soles.

As for fixed ladders is recommended to always lean on the handrails and make sure that the steps are clear of any objects that might hinder the pace.

The switches of the light should then be placed at the beginning and at the end of the ramp of stairs and be clearly visible: you do not scruple to turn on the light if you do not see the steps well … better to pay a little ‘more current than risk breaking a leg!