Ideas to decorate pumpkins

A different idea to decorate pumpkins , and removing them from the typical orange stage is painting them another color. recommended colors are gold and silver, as highlighted in the same way to the pumpkin and will make this look modern and original, very different from the typical orange pumpkins we all know.pumpkin Carving takes time, work and other cleaning should take care of all the pulp and seeds remaining. If this year you prefer to change the tradition a bit I propose these ideas to give a new look to your pumpkins without a knife.

Do you want a chic style to your pumpkin? Then use sequins, rhinestones and studs. Glue a strong glue if you want your design to be ruined with every passing day. Create elegant abstract designs to give your pumpkin or faces for a more sympathetic style.
These pumpkins are pretty simple, all you need is a paper silhouette (either drawn, cut from magazines or printed from the Internet) and acrylic paint black. Cut the silhouette, double tape it and paint the rest black pumpkin. Do not let this dry completely before removing the paper, since it can stick and ruin the design.

Fan of the decoupage? Then try it on your pumpkins. Before you can paint a pumpkin particular color and let it dry, but not necessary. Find a napkin with a picture that you like and cut it carefully. Paint a layer of decoupage special glue on the pumpkin (if you are in the United States is best Mod Podge) and stick design. Paint two coats over glue and let dry completely pumpkin.Another way to decorate your pumpkins is with acrylic paint. Create your own geometric designs such as the picture, or paint other drawings. To create lines using masking tape. Do not let the paint dry completely before removing the tape, as it can stick. Add two coats of paint, letting each dry for at least thirty minutes.
This project is perfect for small pumpkins, since you can group and use as a centerpiece. Clean the pumpkin well before starting. Paint a layer of white glue and add the glitter with a spoon, shaking as you add more. Let it dry completely.

Lack really just for Halloween, and if you plan to decorate your home will surely be looking for alternatives. In LasManualidades we have given several craft ideas for Halloween, and today I want to show you how to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween.

When decorating a pumpkin you can use different techniques depending on our skills and time to decorate it. Then I leave several alternatives to decorate a pumpkin for Halloween . If you are short of time we can place the pumpkin in a black stocking panty printed, the truth is very simple and the result is more interesting.Another alternative is to draw mouth and eyes to the pumpkin with indelible Fiber.

We can also paint it white and draw different reasons, click on the image you can see how.And if we want to carve a pumpkin as traditionally customary in this party can, with a little patience and some good knives, we can create our own carved pumpkin.As you can see, there are several alternatives, all depends on the result you are looking for and who they are to make the craft.