Interior Trends 2014 [Infographic]

Important sites design and interior decoration as Impressive interior design or have developed their predictions about design trends for 2014, taking into account colors, textures, patterns and styles that have been escalating tastes of the users, but GlasstileStore is the site you’ve created an interesting infographic with all collected data to see graphed below.

Colors in interior decoration 2014
The yellow and red has always been synonymous with energy and vitality and according to the psychology of color we’ve seen in Build Home evoke some emotions, these are two of the colors that were employed in 2014, along with colors such as terra the khaki and ethnicity (see the infographic below so you know the exact hue becoming fashionable).

Trends in textures
It is expected that the textures with geometric patterns and colors are ethnic trend, as well as floral patterns to seventies style.

2014 Design Styles
As always, and not only in interior design, but in all types of design will continue to use the maxim “less is more” simple lines in the decoration of both furniture and walls, is also expected to increase equipment stackable.