Making original heads for the nursery

Ideas for original children’s heads, with different materials and shapes, taking into account age, children’s taste and practicality.
The heads are an important part in children’s rooms, and come in all shapes, materials and models.
Without forgetting that the kids bedroom requires simple furniture that can adapt to the different stages of his life, he can do very original.

Heads easy to make
Form a panel of pictures of friends on a cork is quick and easy.
Ideal for children, young people prefer to choose them for themselves.
To be more attractive, post photos new and renew periodically.
The vinyl material is very current, which is booming for its many advantages: variety of forms and colors (animals, names, landscapes, cities) and easy to place.
Although pictures can be classic, combining various issues, shapes and colors are original.
Also, the plaster figures with their favorite drawings, including paintable themselves.
More elaborate heads
Wood heads are always present and, above all, resistant.
They come in fun shapes: castles, skies, trains, trees.
There are companies that manufacture furniture to order.
To take advantage of the head, the shape of house with shelves provides space to place their toys and other objects.
The upholstery is an attractive option for small, since it avoids many bumps.
The most practical are upholstered headboards plastic material, easy to clean.
In the furniture stores are precious child models, flower shaped, board and more.
A clock and tables
There are children who find it difficult to be punctual, lately, it has become fashionable to decorate the wall with a large clock, which helps them know what time it is.
Machinery can be purchased at a department store, and the numbers of adhesive material.
The tables are very useful for storing toys and other objects of daily use.
Trundle beds give no chance to put heads, but little drawers for all types of utilities.