Maps to decorate

If you are thinking of renovating your home, but only want to change small details, your budget is low or looking for a unique way to decorate, from here we give you an idea so you can do it. Decorate with maps! The first idea would be to replace the pictures on the walls of large maps or any mapping. We wallpapering an entire wall or just looking for a nice poster. But looking for something original and a sheet of antique atlas, a map of your favorite city or brightly colored world map. If you’re going to place inside a frame, choose well, because the wrong choice could give a negative result.

An original idea is to cut out shapes on a map and place them in a photo frame or a cork. You can do anything your imagination allows. And while we cut a map other option is a comfortable lining or any other furniture, in this case it is best to be discreet colors not get tired of it soon.Replaces the headboard of the bed for a large map, if you combine it properly with the rest of textiles the result will surprise anyone. If you use it in addition to the nursery will find it fun to learn geography gradually.Modern versions of the maps are made ​​in vinyl , which is a cheap and easy to install and you can safely remove when you want to update the decor.

If you liked the idea of giving relief to your walls , you’ll probably want another idea for decorating home these areas often neglected. At this time we will tell you about the maps , which have stopped making informative and educational function to become a super attractive decorative option.

The truth is that decorating with maps is one of the latest trends in decoration, either occupying the entire wall, paintings, decorative items … Also, are great in any part of the house: the living room, on the fourth of the children, in the bedroom, in the office … So go ahead and use the maps to change any corner of your home. We give you some ideas.

Walls with Maps
One of the most attractive options is to put a paper or a big vinyl painted on the wall. However, if you go for this option, you should be aware that the rest of the stay should be easier for it is not very ornate. But if you like the idea of having maps on the wall but do not dare to occupy the whole, you can opt for the pictures . Just need a map, you have to frame it like any decorative foil or a photograph.

 For children’s rooms
Maps can be a perfect choice for the smaller bedroom home. Not only will be great, but it will be a way for your children to grow up learning . Is not strictly necessary that maps serious use but can be printed on paper with or contain attractive figures cartoons.

 Style vintage
Without doubt, the maps are ideal for decor vintage . Get one old , with some color faded and the decor will give your home the perfect touch. You can decorate small pieces of furniture, drawers, lamps …