Metal cots

Among the different types of crib that we can choose for our baby, metal cribs are the option you want to address today. In the market find cribs of all sizes, styles and materials. Among all these possibilities are also metal cribs How convenient are for our babies? When we think of as rigid material such as metal , create a feeling of doubt whether it is really wise to allow our babies to have contact with.

But when we see one of these metal cribs in the furniture store or just see a picture of it, doubts begin to fade by the charm that they provoke us are very elegant! The metal is a very aesthetic that is highly regarded in the decoration of interiors, but we know that when it comes to drinking there is nothing we can give more attention to the safety of the child.

That’s when we come to the question How safe are metal cribs? The metal is very durable solid material, this is good because we know that children can not split and therefore this does not mean no risk to them. But on the other hand, a blow against a metal railing can be very serious for a small.

While we can tick these cribs as “unsafe”, they are not the safest option we have for our children. A good solution is acolchonarla forrándola completely inside, including base and sides, so that these mattresses to cushion any blow. Today metal cribs come in various colors and shapes. The white metal cribs looks so classic that are perfect for decorating baby bedrooms, creating in them laughing and deluded environments. In addition, these cribs are noted for being easy to combine. No matter the color, the walls, floors and curtains … in any room, these cribs will be beautiful.

If you want you can also decorate the home of metal to be better integrated into the environment that surrounds it. This was what was done in the case of the bedroom we see in the photo above. I think you have chosen a metal crib durability of it but, for this part of the environment, it is covered with curtains and textiles that matches the curtains and other accessories in the room.

Those who want to decorate your baby’s room on a vintage style , you’ll see these cribs as an excellent option. And in ancient times there was so much variety in materials, so the metal was the material of choice. Today, although we have many more possibilities, many still choose these metal cribs that makes them remember your childhood or just by the charm that has this decorative style. And although in this photo you can see a bare metal crib, we insist that it is advisable to cover it with mattresses on the base and the sides.