Original Shelves with ropes

Today we shelves bare bones and very original to any corner of the house a very easy DIY and it is gorgeous. It is made ​​with ropes and a couple of tables. You can use any type of table you have at home.The tables will be our shelves, can be either natural wood or if you dare, you can paint as you like. Use two ropes, one more fat to hang shelves and a thinner to ensure the sides. ‘ll also need some wall hangers, scissors and a drill to make holes in each of the shelves.

Go through the shelves with the rope, and the rope attached to the hangers. Tie a knot and put the first table. Then return to make another knot and place the second table to finish the shelf.  To that clamp perfectly, the tables have to carry knots both above and below , and the thinnest string, will serve to unite with a cross the two tables. If you think that not all materials are good for all craft work I think with this idea today strongly change the way you think. With some planks of wood and some rope we can get an amazing shelf to hang with a very original, we will not see every day. You can then read in step by step how to make a wooden shelf and with ropes as we see in the image below.

 The materials needed are:

4 wooden boards
Rather thick rope
Paint color
Obviously the first thing you have to do is paint color charts that you like , in this case we chose a very dark blue sailor. Then in the end we will make a hole, in total for each table should have four holes one in each corner to stop by rope to be very thick as we see in the picture above .. Make knots thick so it does not leave the tables, and then we can hang quietly obviously this shelf wood and rope .