Romantic decoration ideas

If we get a decoration and a romantic atmosphere in our lounge we set ourselves and work with materials and special materials.The colors, for example, will have an important role in this style of decoration. Pastel colors are a good choice. Generally do not have a chance to use the color pink, but to achieve the romanticism in the atmosphere is a beautiful choice. This soft color transmit tranquility to the room. The white and beige pure and give a touch naive to stay.

For furniture, find your way over to the wrought iron as their shapes and finishes adds a really amazing. It is also an excellent choice aged wood. Bring on the materials: flax is a very good choice. To generate a particularly nice soft touch fabrics are ideal.

If you want to enhance the decor motif subtly, you can choose small flowers (pastel shades), or about arabesques (to get a more rococo). If you want to reach a romantic spirit but minimalist, Japanese accessories are very subtle and very well fulfill this function.

You can also include feathers in the decor. Vaporous and light feathers Place your lace curtains. The satin ribbons are also ideal. These should be strips of different widths and motifs. Add them to the doors, on sofas or couches, curtains knotted in … Another very chic and ideally left the screen. It can also serve to delimit any area. Currently, you can find many different styles and patterns.

Attention to detail is very important and, at times, do not give them the importance they deserve. When we prepare a special date or romantic evening with the couple , we want everything runs smoothly and to this, create the right atmosphere is essential.
A dinner by candlelight, romantic music to warm up and a few glasses of wine … basic, right? They are the typical ingredients of romantic décor all the way, but not the only. It is about Valentine and want to prepare something special, is that your case? Takes note.Caring for ornaments and decorations we chose to acclimate one romantic evening is a good idea to surprise your partner . If you think of figures fill all hearts , stuffed animals or flowers is romantic, maybe no mistake at all, but something cheesy recharged and can also result.A subtle decoration is better than overdone … remember this “how little like and how much, tired”.

The romantic decor is preferred by many women of all ages. It is cozy, warm and kitchens brings a plus of style and delicacy much appreciated if you spend time cooking or eating if you have a dining area inside.A cold and bare kitchen can easily become a romantic kitchen with some easy tricks, you do not subtract the functionality and make you look much prettier. It is therefore important to pay attention to the details.

One of the most influence on the outcome of your kitchen is romantic or sheer curtain, preferably a soft, semi-transparent and with a printed fabric that can be flowers or fruits . The small ruffles on curtains or cushions for benches and chairs, and even added to the shelves or the shelves of the cupboard will also provide very little money an air romantic unmatched. Also, nowadays you do not need to be an expert seamstress, because the facts and adhesives sold. Reach, paste and go.

The furniture will preferably white or light woods, pie or pickled, if you choose them. If you already have furniture kitchen, looking for the textiles and accessories combine with them and, besides having a romantic kitchen, will you bring a twist. The lighting, the decorations, the smells … everything has to create an intimate atmosphere ideal for the appointment go smoothly. And remember, the roses are good companions a romantic evening , but best bet by petals or a pair of roses … fill the bouquets stay may remember a little romantic and rather dark …