Shelves of different materials for our books

A shelf has can be of different shapes and materials, but out of the ordinary, we could use recycled materials , so you can save some money at any home you need to have things in order, we can say that a shelf must be fundamental to any room.

We can put a shelf in our living room or study, also in the bedroom, but the most important is that the material is recycled . So you can have two functions, utility and decoration.

For a project to create a ledge, just enough votes have imagination and have shelves for any purpose you want. Best of all, you’re not going to spend much money, you will very economical for these times of recession and money is not enough, it is better to use recycled materials .

So we can find different ways to create a shelf, which are:

Industrial : Shelves made ​​with pipes, painted and constructed in the best way, to support much weight, is suitable for large books.

Wood : Tools shelves built with recycled wood or wooden boxes, one on top of another, very suitable for large weights, gives a rustic feel to the home.

Pendants : Shelves made ​​with wires hanging from the ceiling, holding tables and adding a touch of elegance to the room.

We can see that all shelves can be in different places, there are very high, but that does not take away the grace and utility.

We must remember that a shelf requires compatibility with the environment, must be similar to the decor resulting fine and pleasing to the eye, these tips will surely guide you have a very use shelves.

For this reason if you have recycled materials , feel free to build it, so you have more orderly home.