Trends in outdoor furniture materials this summer

Although these days it may seem, with the storm we have in some areas, spring is just around the corner and touch renew the outdoor furniture, both at home and in the hospitality business. Get ready for maximum enjoyment of the warm seasons and it is important to have well conditioned outdoor spaces.

When choosing furniture for the garden or terraces must consider several aspects. On the one hand there is the issue of comfort, the furniture should offer maximum comfort to ensure the much desired relaxation on holiday. On the other hand the style and elegance, always more attractive a nice design. But also critical choosing a material that guarantees a good durability and easy maintenance.

In that sense braided resin, we can see in the image that opens this article, is already the star material. Unlike PVC, the resin will not break or fade, resistant to weathering, chlorine and stains and also its maintenance may be easier, since we do not need to wash it more than just a hose down.


Another material that is more suitable for porch furniture both at home and in cafes or nightclubs is aluminum. Furniture Aluminum stand out as being light, elegant and very modern. For them there are various finishing options such as chrome, matt white or anthracite, some examples we can see in the pictures in this article.

Obviously these are not the only options, there are natural fiber furniture, wrought iron, wood and lots of options, but doing an analysis of advantages and disadvantages of each of them and seeing decorative trends of the past few seasons, the Aluminum resin wicker and have every chance to become the stars of the terraces this summer.